Friday, January 29, 2010

Library Bag: The Second Line

Going to the public library is one of our favorite outings. The library not only has books, but they also have DVDs, books on CDs, music CDs, magazines, and newspapers. They are a great resource for the family!

On a recent trip, we checked out the CD The Second Line by Johnette Downing. This toe-tapping children's CD is compiled of songs that promote dancing with scarves. Not only does it get your body moving, but it also teaches listening skills and directional words (up, down, left, right, etc.). The song "Shake Your Scarves" is infectious and leaves you singing it all day. My daughter and I also have fun with "The Sacroilliac," a partner dance with scarves. "Rhythum In the Scarves" is a great song helping kids discover how to count the beat.

To fully participate with the CD, you need a scarf or something that moves like a scarf. We use dancing rings, but a piece of fabric or even a paper towel would work, too. I hope you have as much fun as we did!

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