Monday, February 1, 2010

Valentine Decoration

For me, the Saints and Mardi Gras have overshadowed Valentine's Day. But, it's a fun holiday so I thought of this craft for my daughter and I. This Valentine Door Decoration works on several fine motor skills and the concept of big to little. For this project, you need construction paper, scissors, stickers, yarn/string, and a hole punch.

Fold the construction paper in half and free-hand 1/2 of a heart. I made graduated sizes so we could work on biggest to smallest. But random sizes or all the same size would work too.

My daughter loves cutting so I let her cut out the hearts.

Once the hearts were complete, she arranged them in size from biggest to smallest. (Now that I've had time to process the activity, decorating the hearts first then arranging them helps the project flow better.)

She decorated the hearts with stickers while I cut 4 pieces of yarn (approx. 5 inches long). Holes were punched into the top and bottom of each heart, except the bottom heart which only needs one hole (at the top).

My daugther took each piece of yarn and threaded it through the holes on the hearts. We knotted the loose ends. For the top piece of yarn, we made a loop to hang the decoration.

She is proud to hang it on our front door!

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