Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fishing For ABCs

You will need magnetic letters, string, a washer, some type of container, and something to be the pole. I use a ruler.
I measure the length of the string so the child can "fish" while standing up. On one end, the string is tied and taped to the "pole." The other end is tied to the washer. Once the magnetic letters are in the container, the "fishing" can begin!
Go Fish! There are various ways this game can be played. The fisherman could randomly catch a letter, then identify which letter they caught. They can review the sound of the letter and words starting with the letter. For older fishermen, the letters could be placed to the side to form words. For fishermen who do not want to catch letters, they can catch colors. I'm sure there are other ideas on how this game can be played. Please leave a comment with your suggestions.
The fisherman at my house loves the challenge of catching something! I hope your fisherman loves this game too.

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