Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Easy King Cake

One thing I love about Mardi Gras season is the King Cake. There are many ways to have your King Cake, and I like them all! This method uses packaged cinnamon roll dough so it comes out as such. I used an 8-roll pack which makes a 7" cake. (Frosting was included.) For a bigger cake, use more than one package.

Open the canister so that you have a log of dough. I floured my cutting surface just in case the dough was sticky. I think it would have been fine without the flour. Cut the dough into three sections lengthwise.

Take each section and form one long log of dough. To do this, I had to form a ball with the dough, then roll and pull to form the log.

Pinch the three logs together at the top and begin braiding all the way to the end.

Transfer to a baking sheet. Connect the top of the braid with the bottom in a ring. Pinch the ends together well to make sure they do not disconnect in the oven. I followed the baking instructions on the package which said 400 degrees for 12-14 minutes. I had to bake mine for 14 minutes.

The cinnamon rolls came with regular white frosting. To make this step easy, I squeezed the white frosting in a sandwich bag and used a glass for support. (I divided the frosting into three--yellow, green, purple.) Food coloring was added, then I sealed the bag to mix.

Once all the colors were ready, I made a small cut in a bottom corner of the bag. My daughter and I took one color at a time going around the cake.

Voila...our King Cake. It's pretty easy and a fun activity for the kids.

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